Who we are

Who we are

Navi-Gate bvba is a small, family owned company.

Founded only in 2012, core values like:
Personalised service, Reliability, Knowledge & Honesty ... are that what define Navi-Gate bvba.
Each and every single one: rare commodoties in todays fast moving transport world.

At Navi-Gate, we never talk about customers or suppliers, but only partners! Because you can not have the one without the other.

And if Covid-19 has learned us one thing in this everchanging world... there is no such thing as borders... Hence our new tagline:

Together we make borders disappear

With more than 20 years of experience behind us, in various fields of the logistics chain, from terminal operator, over forwarder, broker & shipping line agent, to an all-round logistics service provider: We are there for you , 24/7, year round!

Service has a name: Navi-Gate!
Just try us, and you will be pleasantly suprised….